Clemson Football Recruiting: 2019 Priority Targets for the Tigers

COLUMBIA, SC - NOVEMBER 25: Tee Higgins /

The 2019 Clemson football recruiting class will be one of the biggest in recent years. Here are some of the top priority prospects for the Tigers.

The 2019 Clemson football recruiting cycle is really starting to pick up.

The Tigers received a commitment from 3-star defensive tackle Tayquon Johnson Monday afternoon, bringing the class up to 12 total so far.

Clemson didn’t reach 12 commitments for last year’s class until December. I think that shows you just how dedicated the Tigers are to getting to that 25 number this year.

Today, we will take a look at some of those priority targets.

We are going to look in-depth at each position and give you a complete target board in the coming weeks, but for now, let’s take a quick glimpse at some of the top targets for Clemson football this cycle.

Top 2019 Priority Target List:

  • Quavaris Crouch, 5-star ATH
  • Zacch Pickens, 5-star DE
  • Devontae Dobbs, 5-star OT
  • Hudson Henry, 4-star TE
  • Andrew Booth, 4-star CB
  • Cam’Ron Kelly, 5-star CB
  • Noah Cain, 4-star RB
  • Daxton Hill, 4-star S
  • Ishmael Sophser, 5-star DT
  • Devyn Ford, 4-star RB
  • DeMarcco Hellams, 4-star ATH
  • Devin Bush, 4-star CB
  • Zeke Correl, 4-star OL
  • Rian Davis, 4-star LB
  • Trey Knox, 4-star WR
  • Vonta Bentley, 4-star LB

There are a few more guys at the 3-star level that we could add in here, as well as a couple of 4 and 5 stars that aren’t on the list that Clemson would love to have.

That being said, this is a pretty good working list to go by when you’re looking for what may be happening with Clemson football recruiting.

The Tigers are really looking to get some defensive commitments in this class, hence the large amount of defensive backs and defensive linemen on the list.

Two guys that I see on this that I really want to keep my eye on are Quavaris Crouch and Zacch Pickens.

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Crouch (RB) is from Charlotte and Pickens (DE) is from Anderson. Both of those guys are 5-stars are within an hour from Clemson and are high on the Tigers’ radar. Both guys are said to be deciding majorly between Clemson and South Carolina. It’s a chance to really solidify your class with two talented 5-stars, while also setting your rival back.

We will look more in-depth at each of these recruits in the coming weeks, but we hope that this list is helpful in beginning to identify who the Tigers are looking to go after in this 2019 cycle.