Clemson Football Offensive Analysis: Tee Higgins is the ‘X-Factor’

COLUMBIA, SC - NOVEMBER 25: Tee Higgins /

The difference in the Clemson football passing game this season may rest in the hands of Tee Higgins, a very talented true-sophomore.

Clemson football’s spring game was more than a week ago, but Tiger fans are still talking about it.

There are basically two observations that every single fan makes when talking about the spring game:

  1. Trevor Lawrence was impressive
  2. Tee Higgins is a monster

We’ve talked in-depth (and will continue to do so) about the Trevor Lawrence and the QB competition heading into the summer and fall camp. But, I don’t think we’ve taken enough time to admire just how good Tee Higgins is.

The guy is better than anything Clemson football had on its roster a year ago.

Higgins is explosive and can go up and get those 50/50 balls. That’s going to be the difference this year.

If the quarterback, no matter who they are, can get the ball in his general vicinity, he’s going to have a chance to make a play.

That is much more than anyone could say about last year.

The X-Factor:

While I love Deon Cain and wish him the best in his NFL career, Cain never exhibited the hands that Tee Higgins has.

Higgins is also just flat-out a more physical body. Cain weighed in at 190 pounds his senior season and was measured at 6-1” in height.

Higgins was a 6-4, 200 pound freshman. He has probably put on some more muscle now.

There’s a huge difference in three inches at the boundary wide receiver position and that weight will also help Higgins to fight to get open against some of the better cornerbacks that he will face, as opposed to what Cain was able to do.

In addition to already being taller and weighing more, Higgins also exhibits a better vertical, hands, and poise that is needed at the wide receiver position.

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When I look at Tee Higgins’ film, I see that he was born to play the position. It’s going to be interesting to see how he progresses in the summer, but I don’t think there’s any doubt the importance of what Higgins will bring to the table for the 2018 season.