Clemson Football: Deshaun Watson shows off new Lamborghini, house, more

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Deshaun Watson
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 29: Quarterback Deshaun Watson /

Former Clemson football player Deshaun Watson has made quite a bit from his NFL career so far. Here’s a video showing off some of his new “toys.”

Former Clemson football quarterback Deshaun Watson has made quite a bit of money from his NFL career so far.

Watson, in less than half a year of playing in the NFL, has already captured the hearts of fans from across the nation.

He has proven to be quite the quarterback for the Houston Texans and has fans excited for a successful season this coming year.

Watson is currently still recovering from a torn ACL, but is making great progress.

In the video below, Deshaun Watson shows some of his new “toys” off, including a Lamborghini, G Wagon, a nice house, and an in-ground pool.

Deshaun Watson’s sweet set up:

It’s really nice to see Watson doing well. In addition to spending money on just himself, Watson has taken care of his mother.

He also took his first paycheck and helped out staff at the Texans’ stadium who had been affected by the hurricane a few months ago.

Watson is putting his money to good use for himself, but also for others and it’s really good to see him giving back and representing the Clemson football program well.

I’m excited to see Watson better his chemistry with DeAndre Hopkins this season.

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I think the two could become one of the most dynamic connections in the NFL. Deshaun has the talent to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and I think he will continue to work until he gets there.