Clemson Basketball: Why Mitchell and Reed made the right decision

SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 16: Marcquise Reed
SAN DIEGO, CA - MARCH 16: Marcquise Reed /

Clemson basketball guards Shelton Mitchell and Marcquise Reed made the decision to declare for the NBA Draft. Here’s why it was the right decision.

On Monday, we received the news that both Shelton Mitchell and Marcquise Reed would declare for the NBA Draft.

Both guards had solid seasons for the Clemson basketball team and they were key reasons why the Tigers made the historical run to the Sweet 16.

While most Clemson fans were disappointed to hear the news, here’s why it was a smart decision from both guys.

Working on your game:

For those of you that don’t know, declaring for the NBA Draft does not mean that you’re leaving college.

Basketball is a sport in which you can declare for the NBA Draft, go workout for teams, talk to scouts, and then make a decision whether you want to leave or not.

Both Reed and Mitchell will have the opportunity to work out in front of professional scouts and get feedback from them. Neither have made the decision to sign an agent, so they can get that feedback and then come back to school if they so please.

These guys have made the right decision.

This is the best way for them to get the constructive criticism that they need and then work on their game. If either believe they have the skills or are ready for the NBA Draft, they can then decide to not come back to school.

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At this point, I believe that both Reed and Mitchell should come back to school because I’m not sure that either will get drafted, but there’s nothing wrong with testing the waters and seeing what happens.