Clemson Football: Kelly Bryant will start vs. Furman, No Doubt

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 01: Kelly Bryant
NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 01: Kelly Bryant /

Clemson football will take on Furman to begin the 2018 season. While many want to talk about a QB battle, it’s basically a guarantee who will start Game 1.

Clemson football is just three weeks from its annual spring game.

The entire talk of spring practice and throughout the summer will have to do with the quarterback position.

Clemson returns Kelly Bryant, who led the Tigers to a College Football Playoff berth, and sophomore Hunter Johnson.

Added to the mix are Chase Brice and 5-star QB Trevor Lawrence.

That star-power has led to plenty of questions as to how the Clemson football staff will use the talent in 2018.

In my opinion, though, there’s one guarantee: Kelly Bryant will start Game 1.

The tie goes to the veteran…

No matter how you feel about Kelly Bryant or the quarterback position in general, the coaching staff has proven over time to allow veterans to prove themselves first.

Kelly Bryant will start Game 1 against Furman.

I have a feeling we will see both Hunter Johnson and Trevor Lawrence at some point in that game, but it will be Kelly Bryant’s job to lose.

He has proven to be a viable option for the coaching staff and he will go out first.

If he struggles in fall camp or in games, we may see the quarterback battle heat up. That may lead to a dual-QB system or a change, but it won’t happen until later in the season. Even if the coaches do decide to play multiple quarterbacks, senior Bryant will get the nod first.

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So, if you want to know who heads out to take the first snap of the game against Furman, I can guarantee you that it’s already been set. You can fool yourself into thinking whatever you want, but Kelly Bryant is going to be given a shot and he deserves it.

We will dissect the QB position in-depth this spring and summer.

But, I think it has to be understood that Kelly Bryant will get the first crack at the position.