Clemson Football: Christian Wilkins is working as a substitute teacher

CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 11: Christian Wilkins
CLEMSON, SC - NOVEMBER 11: Christian Wilkins /

No, I’m not kidding. Clemson football graduate student Christian Wilkins is working as a substitute teacher.

Clemson football defensive lineman Christian Wilkins shocked the world when he announced that he was coming back for one more season.

Wilkins had already earned his bachelor’s degree- in just two and a half years- and was destined to be either a first or second round draft pick in this coming NFL Draft.

Although the “grade” he got was a second round grade, we all know that he would’ve gone in the first round. With his talent, football IQ, and leadership ability, there’s just no way he would’ve been passed on as a first-rounder.

That being said, he decided to come back and play one more season for Clemson football.

A Substitute Teacher?

Since Wilkins has already graduated, Dabo Swinney told the media on Wednesday that Wilkins is serving as a sub at nearby schools.

I want us to just stop here for a minute.

Can you imagine having Christian Wilkins as your substitute teacher? A future NFL starter and current Clemson football player serving as your teacher. I’m sure the behavioral issues are at minimum.

To me, that’s just awesome.

It shows just how much character and intelligence Wilkins has. He is pouring into the lives of students by being able to work with them. Many players returning for a grad-year of College would have already “mailed it in,” but not Wilkins.

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He continues to be a great ambassador for Clemson football and continues to prove that he is focused on more than just football. We wish Christian a great couple of last semesters at Clemson and an excellent football season, as well.