Clemson Basketball: Jaron Blossomgame, others in FBI investigation

GettyImages/ Patrick Smith
GettyImages/ Patrick Smith /

Former Clemson basketball player Jaron Blossomgame found himself in the middle of an FBI probe due to taking money as an amateur athlete.

A major bombshell was dropped on the world of College Basketball this morning when Yahoo Sports reported a corruption case that left many players involved in an investigation.

Yahoo Sports released a report with documents and bank statements showing many athletes from major College Basketball programs that took money as amateur athletes.

The schools involved in the report include Duke, UNC, Kentucky, South Carolina, Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Michigan State, Texas, NC State and USC.

One of the most interesting on the list was N.C. State’s Dennis Smith, who received a total of $73,500 in loans.

Former Clemson basketball player Jaron Blossomgame was also involved in the scandal. The report says that Blossomgame received a payment of $1,100 while in school through Venmo.

Clemson basketball coach Brad Brownell and Athletic Director Dan Radakovich released statements on the matter.

College Basketball Bombshell:

It’s not fair to many of these guys to speculate. Who knows what Jaron was doing or the circumstances of which he took the money?

The fact of the matter, though, is that he did break the rules. Even though compared to others, like Markelle Fultz ($10,000) Diamond Stone ($14,303) and Tim Quarterman (16,000), it seems minuscule.

In-state rival South Carolina was also ensnared in the report as current player Bryan Bowman and former Gamecock P.J. Dozier, who took $6,115 while in school, were on the list.

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Clemson officials have already said that they are open and will allow the FBI and NCAA to investigate into the matter, which shows that they are trying to be transparent and honest.