Clemson Baseball: Three-headed monster will lead Tiger offense

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The 2018 Clemson baseball season is just two weeks from getting underway. The Tigers will be led by a three-headed monster on offense.

The 2018 Clemson baseball season is nearly upon us.

That means we will have baseball coverage sprinkled into our posts from here to opening day on February 16.

There’s many unknowns for the Tigers on the diamond this season, but there’s definitely something to count on, as well.

Clemson baseball will be led by a three-headed monster in Seth Beer, Logan Davidson, and Chris Williams.

Offensive Attack:

Head baseball coach Monte Lee has noted that the three star players will bat in the middle of the lineup.

While that may be the case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Davidson move the “two” spot if necessary. He even spent a small amount of time as the leadoff hitter last year.

More than likely, though, I see these three guys going 3-4-5 just as Lee has noted.

With a middle of the lineup like that, opponents will need to watch out. All three of these guys have the chance to be Major Leaguers before it’s all said and done.

I expect Williams to take a step forward as a veteran leader. Seth Beer fell off a little last year, mainly because teams didn’t give him anything to hit. I expect that he will adjust to that and bat close to the numbers we saw from him his freshman year when he won National Player of the Year.

Logan Davidson was off-and-on at the plate as a freshman, but I think he will take big strides this year.

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We will have a lot more baseball coverage including projected depth chart, in-depth pitching analysis, and much more as we get closer to opening day.