Clemson Football: Ferrell, Wilkins, Bryant, and Joseph’s NFL decision to be announced soon

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 02: Kendall Joseph
CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 02: Kendall Joseph /

Clemson football has four juniors who have yet to announce a decision on the NFL. Those decisions will be announced very soon.

Many Clemson football fans have been sitting on pins and needles the past few days when it was reported that several talented juniors could return to school for their senior season.

We can confirm that Christian Wilkins, Austin Bryant, Clelin Ferrell, and Kendall Joseph all made their way back to Clemson for the start of the spring semester.

But, that doesn’t mean they’re staying.

On Friday afternoon, the 2018 Clemson football held their first meeting. A source said that Wilkins, Bryant, and Ferrell were all absent from the meeting. We never got word on Joseph.

Now, before you say that means they’re gone, it’s not unordinary for a junior who is making up his mind to miss a couple of team meetings in January.

No matter what speculations you may have, they all will be coming to an end soon.

Every junior has to make a decision by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 15, which is just two days from now. So the suspense is coming to an end and will be over very soon.


The fact that they haven’t announced anything yet is a good sign for Clemson, in my opinion.

There’s a team banquet on Sunday and that may be where they make their announcement to either go to the NFL or stay for another year.

Many have reported that all these guys are really close and may make the same decision.

I’m not really sure what the case is.

I’d like to say I have the answer, but the truth is no one does except these young men. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all left for the NFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all stayed one more season. I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple made decisions to stay and a couple made decisions to leave.

We will all have to just wait and see.

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No matter what they decide, we wish them all the best. In my opinion, I think they all will be solid NFL decisions and I would never fault any of them for leaving early.

But it definitely wouldn’t hurt my feelings if any of them decided to return either!

We will continue to monitor the situation and give you updates when we hear them.