CFP: Q&A with Clemson receiver Tee Higgins’ number one fan

COLUMBIA, SC - NOVEMBER 25: Jamyest Williams
COLUMBIA, SC - NOVEMBER 25: Jamyest Williams /

No. 1 Clemson(12-1) still has two weeks before facing No. 4 Alabama(11-1) in the Sugar Bowl and receiver Tee Higgins’ number one fan will be in New Orleans, La. 

Camillia “Lady” Stewart is Higgins’ number one fan, and she happens to also be his mom. This year, she has watched her son go from a five-star Oak Ridge High(TN) receiver to the Clemson football freshman, he is today.

Higgins has 17 receptions, 345 yards and two touchdowns for the defending national champions.

Stewart answered a few questions for us about her son, and she gives a thumbs up to Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney’s dancing.

Were you able to attend every game this season? 

Lady Stewart: No, I missed the Syracuse and N.C. State games.

Tee doesn’t have a ton of catches, but lately, he has gotten more targets. In a recent interview, he said that he understands that others are ahead of him, and he would do anything for the team. How proud were you watching him do so well against the Citadel and South Carolina and then seeing his catches on ESPN? 

Stewart: I cried. I cried, because I know that he has been waiting patiently to have a good game. I cried, because I got to see my son in his element doing what he loves. I cried, because I was and am so proud of him.

During that interview and others that I have seen, he seems to be very humble, poised, and mature. Do you watch his interviews?

Stewart: Yes, I do.

In your opinion, why is he so humble, poised, and mature at such a young age? 

Stewart: Prayer. I have done a lot of praying for him and hope that he understands what God has blessed him with and that he’s got to be thankful and appreciate what he’s got. He has to stay humble and always give thanks to God, because without him he is nothing. To sum it up….God.

Most college freshman experience homesickness. Has he had homesick moments?

Stewart: No, he has not, and I’m really surprised by it. I was so ready to give my “why staying in school is so important speech.”

You are known as Tee’s number one fan, but as we both know, you have some competition. What do you think about your son taking the time to send gloves to Casen and continuing to acknowledge him even as he maneuvers through his freshman year?

Stewart: It just shows the type of young man that he is, and he and Casen have a special bond. I don’t mind sharing that title with Casen.

Before the Louisville game, we talked about college football analyst, commentators and fans assuming that your son is named after Tennessee great, Tee Martin. With Tee and Amari Rodgers(Martin’s son) being friends and roommates at Clemson, the assumption has almost become natural. Do you mind clearing up the confusion again, because it hasn’t gone away. 

Stewart: My son is named after both of his grandfathers. I took the spelling from Tee Martin’s name. I saw the “Maurice” in it which is my father’s name, so I said boom Tamaurice. What I should’ve done is capitalize the “m” in Maurice. But I never thought in a million years that this would be a topic or issue, but he’s named after his grandfathers.

Have you slid down the slide at the Football Complex?

Stewart: Yes, I have, and I have it on video. I even landed on my feet.

Do you have a funny Dabo Swinney story that you would like to share? Or just something in general.

Stewart: I love seeing Dabo dance. He has rhythm.

So Tee left the state of Tennessee to come to Clemson, SC, if someone asked you, why? How would you answer that question?

Stewart: Clemson is a lot like home.