Bradley Chubb collects opposing Quarterbacks’ towels

RALEIGH, NC - NOVEMBER 04: Kelly Bryant
RALEIGH, NC - NOVEMBER 04: Kelly Bryant /

During the top 20 battle between #20 N.C. State and #4 Clemson, Wolfpack defensive end Bradley Chubb made off with a couple of Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant’s towels. 

N.C. State came up short in the hard fought 38-31 loss to Clemson football, but they gained a few towels courtesy of Bryant. At times, the junior quarterback probably felt like Little Red Riding Hood on Saturday, because the Wolfpack senior stalked him in the first half, only to swipe his towels.

Strange? Yes!!

Personally, I have never seen towels get so much exposure since former Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson’s or the late UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian’s. And the only other time that I can recall a towel being stolen on national television was after Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game. That heist netted the klepto $8,365 from an online auction.

Strange? Yes!

But many bodily fluid soaked towels have been taken from athletes and musical artists for memorabilia purposes. It’s true. I once watched rapper Method Man, who had a cold, wipe his nose and a fan asked for the mucus filled towel. The rapper said, “You’re nasty,” as he tossed it to her.

So Bradley Chubb is a towel thief?

Now, raise your hand, if you haven’t borrowed a towel, albeit, purposely or inadvertently from a hotel.

Of course, Chubb would have to raise his hand and probably all of his limbs. Because not only did a national audience witness his thievery, but he is a repeat offender. Bryant wasn’t his first victim.

According to tweets from Florida State, Syracuse and Notre Dame fans, their quarterbacks were also victims of Chubb’s cotton obsession.

But there maybe a method to his otherwise seemingly, bizarre tactic. Bryant, James Blackman(FSU), Eric Dungey(Syracuse) and Brandon Wimbush(Notre Dame) are all mobile quarterbacks and before facing Clemson, Chubb talked about the challenge mobile quarterbacks present.

“It’s a fun challenge but sometimes it gets frustrating, just trying to rush and seeing him running out of the pocket and all of that.”

Maybe, he thinks the removal of the towel somewhat diminishes the quarterbacks’ escapability like taking Thor’s hammer away leaves him more vulnerable to bad guys. However, that strategy didn’t work against Bryant. Unlike the aforementioned quarterbacks, he was able to avoid Chubb’s grasp. He also had more rushing yards(88) than each of them and tied Dungey for most rushing touchdowns with two.

As for now, no one knows what happens to the stolen towels. Is there a special place for towels collected in a win and are towels disposed in response to a loss?

Normally, you don’t get rewarded for stealing, but in this case, Chubb could be receiving some early Christmas presents from the Clemson football faithful.

On Saturday, N.C. State will play Boston College, so quarterback Anthony Brown could be Chubb’s next victim.