Clemson Football: Hunter Johnson now listed as co-backup at QB

The Clemson football depth chart for the Syracuse game was released on Monday. There were a couple of minor changes, including one at quarterback.

Clemson football released its depth chart for the Syracuse game on Monday.

The Tigers improved to 6-0 on the season with a 28-14 win over Wake Forest on Saturday and are looking to cap off a win over the Orange before the bye week this Friday.

While the depth chart at this point will pretty much remain the season, there were a couple of minor changes.

Clemson football now has Zerrick Cooper and Hunter Johnson listed as co-backups at quarterback.

The first six weeks of the season, Kelly Bryant was the defined starter. Zerrick Cooper was the defined second-string and Hunter Johnson was the defined third-string.

Now, they’re both listed as second-string.

Johnson finished the Wake Forest game 5-for-5 for 42 yards and a touchdown.


I thought Hunter Johnson looked really good on Saturday. When Kelly Bryant went out, we had the opportunity to see both backups.

It seemed that Zerrick Cooper was a little nervous. He overthrew a couple of passes and had a receiver drop one of his, as well.

Johnson, in my opinion, certainly earned the right to be named a co-backup. He looked poised and had great pocket presence.

He is very accurate and what I like about him is the fact that he’s going to go through his reads and make the right decision.

Johnson could be a great quarterback for Clemson football before it’s all said and done and I’d expect us to see him against Syracuse at some point Friday.

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