The Top 10 Quarterbacks in Clemson Football History

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4. Charlie Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst comes in at number-four on our list. Whitehurst is, without a doubt, one of the best quarterbacks in Clemson history. He easily has had the longest NFL career of any quarterback to every come through Clemson as he began to get the nickname “Clipboard Jesus” with his long hair and beard.

I’ll be honest, moving out west must have changed Charlie Whitehurst because he used to be a clean-shaving, short hair guy, but now you wouldn’t even know he’s the same person.

Regardless of his shaving habits, Whitehurst is still currently the second leading passer all-time in Clemson, throwing for 9,665 yards and 49 touchdowns to 46 interceptions.

Whitehurst is infamously known for his record against South Carolina, going 4-0 against the Gamecocks during his time in Clemson. He was an extremely talented quarterback and don’t forget: He played with Rob Spence as the offensive coordinator.

Imagine what he could have done with what Clemson has now.

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