Clemson vs. Wofford: Running Diary


The Clemson vs. Wofford game was a great way to open up the college football season. Check out the running diary of the Tiger’s 49-10 win over the Terriers.

Each and every week, we will give you a running diary of the game and some insight as “the game told by twitter.” Today, the Clemson vs. Wofford game opened the college football season. The Tigers picked up their first win of the season today in dominant fashion as the defeated the Wofford Terriers by a final score of 49-10. Clemson was leading Wofford 35-7 at halftime and the Tigers were able to get many different players in the game before the day was over. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks and who gets an opportunity to play next week against the Appalachian State Mountaineers.

Here is the Clemson vs. Wofford story “told by twitter.”



The Tigers elected to run Wayne Gallman three times in a row to open the game. He set the tempo early and ended the day with 92 yards on 14 carries and two touchdowns.

This was a scary moment. Wide receiver Mike Williams caught the ball and after a Wofford defender shoved him in the back, he hit headfirst into the goal post.

Mike Williams would get the touchdown to his name, but would be transferred to the hospital. We are still waiting to hear his condition.


Deshaun Watson hooked up with Artavis Scott for a nice touchdown to put Clemson up 21-0.

The Terriers would get on the board with 0:01 remaining in the second quarter to take the Tiger lead back to down to four scores.



And just about that time, the Clemson football staff called a time out and put Bryant in the game.

This would be the last score of the day.

That is the Clemson vs. Wofford game told by Twitter. Make sure you follow @RubbingtheRock and check back here as we give you injury updates and more notes from the first day.

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