RTR Fan of the Month: June Edition


Are you a crazy Clemson fan? Do you know a fanatic? Whether it’s your neighbor, family member, co-worker, social media friend, etc-let us know. To help every one get through these down-months, we have decided to feature a “Fan of the Month” until the start of the College Football season.

Each and every month, Rubbing the Rock will be hand-picking a “Fan of the Month” to recognize a special person’s unwavering loyalty to Clemson Athletics. Our June Fan of the Month is Mrs. Debby Laidlaw.

If you would like to be featured as the “Fan of the Month” or know someone that you believe deserves this honor, contact us through our Facebook page, our Twitter account (@rubbingtherock) or give us an email at rubbingtherock@fansided.com and once again, congratulations Debby!

Debby Laidlaw was an easy choice for our “Fan of the Month.” I have been Facebook friends with her for years and I bet she bleeds orange.

Debby’s parents were married when her Dad was a junior at Clemson and she was born his senior year so she was destined to be a Tiger fan. Debby was raised to love the Tigers and she has spread that love to her daughter, Sally.

She has had the same seats in Death Valley for forty years and has not missed a weekend home game even though she has lived in Nashville, TN and Virginia Beach, VA. She currently lives in Southport, NC and travels approximately 12 hours road trip to Memorial stadium.

Debby has no problem expressing her love for Clemson to anyone or her disdain for the rival Gamecocks and she admits to adamantly cheering for any of their opponents.

Debby Laidlaw(right) with her daughter, Sally.

Q: Do you recall when or why you became a Clemson fan?

"Debby: My first memory of Clemson was attending a home football game – I think I was about 4 and by daddy bought me a purple banner on a wooden stick that had an orange tiger and orange writing on it – I remember waving it over and over and I am sure hitting people on the head – but no one complained…..I went home and stomped around the yard the next day screaming l love Clemson I hate Georgia over and over-yep we had lost to Georgia that Saturday!"

Q: Favorite sport?

"Debby: I love all sports but Football is my heart! I live for Football season and find it depressing when the season is over….."

Q: Favorite coach?

"Debby: I would have to say my favorite coach ever is Danny Ford! Loved how his tough love on our boys turned out a National Championship! He is just plain ole Danny – no bells and whistles but boy what a coach…..Dabo is just behind him by a hair though- Dabo has many of those same traits – actually I think they are a lot alike – both came from the same place too….."

Q: Favorite player or top 5 players?

"Debby: Had to go with the Top 5 players…..couldn’t name just one and these are in no particular order:William “The Refrigerator” PerrySteve FullerCJ SpillerSammy WatkinsYusef Kelly – (because of that SC game)"

Debby with one of her favorite players, Sammy Watkins.

Q: How many football games do you attend per season?

"Debby: I attend all the home games with my daughter Sally and we also attend all of the games that we play in NC since I live in NC and now that Sally lives in Virginia I expect we will attend games in Virginia as well!!!"

Q: Best game you attended?

"Debby: That’s an easy one every Clemson /USC game that we won."

Q: How tough was it to endure the Gamecock 5 game winning streak? Any thoughts of hibernating?

"Debby: I didn’t have to put up with Gamecocks during their 5 streak – living in NC there are not many of them around here – only a few of my friends are Gamecocks ( I am very choosy when it comes to friends lol) and we really don’t give each other too much of a bad time. I would never hide from any of those gamecocks – no matter what I am always proud to be a Tiger – maybe haven’t always been proud of how they played a game but never would I hide in shame – I love Tigers no matter what!"

Q: Do you have a Clemson bucket list and if so, what would be at the top of that list?

"Debby: I would love to ride in the bus with the players from the locker room to the top of The Hill on Gameday just one time!!"

Q: Here’s your chance to be a College football prognosticator. Give me your final four 2015-16 playoff teams.

"Debby: My prediction for this years playoff teams / no particular orderOf course, Clemson then Alabama, Ohio State, and Oregon."

Q: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to Tiger nation?

"Debby: The last thing I would say to the Tiger Nation is to be a fan – even though we don’t always win and we don’t always agree with our coaches – support your Tigers. Some people have no idea what these young men go through all year long to come out and be the best team that they can be – please don’t ever Boo any player or Coach……be a Tiger with Class!"

Who does she think she is?

That was my initial reaction to Debby Laidlaw and her Facebook page. She had a football countdown, was friends with current and past players, and had pictures with some of them.

So who does Debby Laidlaw think she is?

She doesn’t think-she knows she’s a Clemson Tiger fan born and bred!!