Ask the Staff: Monday Mailbox (First Edition)


Every Monday afternoon, we have started a “mailbox” where we will field answers to your questions, whatever they may be pertaining to Clemson University, athletics, or sports in general throughout the week.

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This week, being our first week, we did not have many questions from you out there, but we did receive a few. I hope to include our entire staff in the mailbox each week, but this week I will be alone in answering these questions (downer, right?). Anyway, in our first edition of the “Monday Mailbox,” we have received four intriguing questions. Let’s take a look and do not be afraid to comment below and give your insight on the topics discussed below.

Who is the back-up quarter back going to be at Clemson this fall?

As of right now, it’s without a doubt Nick Schuessler, as it should be. You cannot expect two freshmen to come in right away and compete when they don’t know the system, especially at the quarterback position. However, as the summer progresses and we get to fall camp I would not be surprised at the least if Tucker Israel or Kelly Bryant creep up into the second string spot. Schuessler did not look bad in the spring game by any means and I believe the two freshmen will have come along greatly come fall-time, but if I had to guess, right now, I would say it’s Nick Schuessler’s job to lose.

What is the hardest game on the 2015 football schedule?

There are several games this season that present a challenge to the Clemson football team. Obviously, the first challenge of the season is when the Tigers go on the road to Louisville on a Thursday night. After that, Clemson gets a bye before they play host to Notre Dame and then there are some other challenges, such as Florida State and Georgia Tech at home and Miami and South Carolina on the road. Many analysts believe Louisville right out the gate will be the toughest test for the Tigers, but as good as the Cardinals are, I don’t believe they are the hardest test. I think that spot belongs, rightly so, to the Florida State Seminoles and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Both of these teams, Clemson did not beat last season and now they have a chance, at home, to put those losses behind them against two teams that were placed on their schedule in less than favorable spots. Georgia Tech gets Clemson right after the Tigers play Notre Dame and Florida State doesn’t have to travel to Tigertown until November, more than enough time to find Jameis Winston’s replacement. There is going to be an article ranking Clemson’s games coming out here on the site in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for the rest.

What should be done about the Clemson baseball program?

This is probably the most touchy subject of Clemson athletics. I would say close to 90% of Tiger fans want to see Jack Leggett go. I, personally, love Leggett as a person and a coach, but after a disappointing season like this, I don’t know if you will see Leggett next season. If he is let go or resigns, Dan Radakovich needs to bring in a young and talented coach that can begin to carry the program and lift it from where it is as of right now. If he chooses to keep Leggett another season, Jack must find a way to turn things around because going 6-8 in mid-week games with losses to Winthrop, Presbyterian, Wofford and other mid-major schools is unacceptable. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he can turn it around, but it’s almost too late and if it comes to him resigning, I hope Clemson seriously takes a look at the next candidate and find a suitable replacement.

What is the best and worst scenario for Clemson football this season, record wise?

The best scenario I see for Clemson is going undefeated and competing in the College Football Playoff. Clemson has the talent, on both sides of the ball, to compete and, as long as they can stay healthy, there is no game this season the Tigers can’t win. If Clemson suffers an injury-plagued season and the defense falls off significantly, you could be looking at a 7-5 season. I don’t see the Tigers dropping below that mark, unless something catastrophic happens, but I would probably say worst scenario is more like 8-4 or 9-3 this season. Only time will tell, but from what I’ve seen, I just think this team is too talented to have much of a fall-off from last season.

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