Clemson Football vs Louisville: Scoring Predictions

Here are our staff Clemson football scoring predictions for the Tigers’ matchup with the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday, October 1.

The Rubbing the Rock staff gives you our scoring predictions for the Clemson football game this season.

Clemson will host a top-five matchup against Louisville.

Here is what our staff has to say about the game.

Andrew Boardwine

Score: Clemson 38, Louisville 31

Reason: At the beginning of this week, I was almost convinced that Louisville would win, but now I’ve changed completely. 8 p.m. kickoff in Death Valley. The Cardinals will put up a great fight, but Clemson football coms away with the victory.


Tyreese Ingram

Score: Clemson 28, Louisville 24

Reason: Clemson will win the turnover battle and the battle of the defenses. Offensively, both teams will have their moments, but the re-emergence of Wayne Gallman will be the key to the Tigers victory.


Ben Greeson

Score: Clemson 24, Louisville 21

Reason: I think this will be a lower scoring game contrary to popular belief. Saturday night will be LOUD in the Valley and the nation will see just how elite Clemson’s defense is.


Cole Little

Score: Clemson 34, Louisville 31

Reason: Expect the Tigers’ front seven to rush Lamar Jackson the entire game, keeping him in check just enough for Deshaun Watson and Co. to come away with a victory.

Our staff may be the only the panel in the country that consistently picked Clemson football across the board. I think we’re right, but what do you think?

Can the Tigers pull off the home win on Saturday or does Lamar Jackson and Louisville keep rolling? Comment below with your prediction!