Charone Peake Just Made Himself Some Money

Clemson wide receiver Charone Peake is going to make himself some money in the NFL. Take a look at what Peake is capable of doing in the league.

Clemson wide receiver Charone Peake has looked impressive all week in Senior Bowl practice and, as a result, has made himself some money.

Peake has made some plays during practices and workouts and people are starting to take notice.

Here is what Matt Miller, NFL Draft Lead Writer for Bleacher Report had to say about Charone Peake for the Senior Bowl.

Scout the player, not the helmet. But when that player is a wide receiver from Clemson, you have to take notice. Charone Peake flashed on the field all week, and oftentimes the South team quarterbacks couldn’t adjust to his speed down the field. He’s definitely an explosive player at receiver to watch in the game and at the scouting combine.

In addition to Miller, many analysts were saying that Peake has been the most impressive wide receiver during Senior Bowl week and certainly has run routes better than just about anyone.

It would not surprise me to see Charone Peake go in the top 3 rounds. There’s no doubt he will test impressive at the combine and that will make NFL Draft scouts put him even higher on their board.

When you look at Peake, he has played with the likes of Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, Adam Humphries, Mike Williams, Martavis Bryant, and several others. This has made his stats not look as impressive, but there is no doubting his athleticism.

That pure athleticism and his ability to block down the field will make him some money.

Be looking for Charone Peake’s draft status to continue moving up the big boards. I have no doubt that some organization is going to take a chance on him in one of the top 3 rounds.

The Senior Bowl will take place at 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon on the NFL Network.