Clemson Football Recruiting: What’s Left for 2016?

The 2016 Clemson football recruiting class is nearly finished for this cycle, but there are a few more spots that need to be filled. Let’s look at those spots.

The Clemson football recruiting class for the 2016 class is nearly full. We knew going into this cycle that the coaching staff would not take many spots as they would try to limit the class to less than 20 signees. That being said, Clemson football recruiting has still done extremely well in the 2016 class, but there are still a couple of spots that the Tigers need to be filled.

Here is the 2016 Clemson football recruiting class:

This is a very solid class with the potential of being a top-15 recruiting class when it’s all said and done. There is a good mix of speed and athleticism within the class and the coaches have recruited to their exact needs and specifications. Here is what positions, in my opinion, the Tigers still need to fill.

There are still some cards on the table for Clemson football recruiting to play this time of year. They are still looking at several athletes ranging from linebackers to defensive backs to wide receivers to offensive linemen, but the staff knows what they are doing and who they need to sign.

I believe five-star linebacker Rahshaun Smith will be the next commitment to the Tigers, but we may get another surprise, you never know.

What’s your thoughts on the Clemson football recruiting class for the 2016 cycle? Who would you like to see the Tigers get in the coming weeks and who impresses you most with this upcoming class? Comment below and give us your take on the 2016 class!